World Food Challenge

Day 11: Azerbaijan and their Dushbara

Dear Raffies!

Where should I begin? One simple word: aaaaaaah (sighing ah).
This food challenge is challenging me with dishes I had never tried before. Today it was dumplings! I had made Chinese dumplings and gyoza before, but nothing Caucasian or from Central Asia. Therefore, although I had actually wanted to make the traditional flatbread from Azerbaijan, I decided to try making Dushbara. These are dumplings filled with lamb and served in a rich lamb broth. After over an hour of folding the tiny dumplings, it was time to taste..How could I put the flavour into words? Let’s say that it is a perfect remedy against the cold wind and rain outside.

Have you ever tried making these dumplings or maybe the Russian pelmeni? Here is the recipe I have used.


For the broth:

1l beef or lamb stock (for a richer flavour, you can use lamb meat and bones)

1 onion, roughly chopped

1/2 tsp saffron



For the dough:

3c flour

1 egg

1/2c water


For the filling:

300g minced lamb

1 onion, grated



Start by preparing the broth. Mix the ingredients together in a pot and leave it to simmer for approximately one hour. If you are using meat, the flavour will be rich and delicious.

If you need more liquid, you can always add more water during the process. After approximately one hour, you can drain the broth and reserve the liquid. Keep it aside and warm.

Proceed with the dough. Mix the ingredients for the dough and knead them to a smooth and elastic dough. If the dough is too sticky, add some flour, but be careful not to add too much. You will have to work it for some time. Shape it into a ball, cover with plastic wrap and let it sit for about 20 minutes.

While waiting, proceed with preparing the filling. Mix the ingredients for the filling together in a bowl and mix them well.

Now to the interesting part, dust some flour on a working surface and place your dough on it. Depending on the size of your surface, part the dough into smaller balls and roll them out very thinly. cut small squares out of them. These should be approximately 1.5-2 cm each. Place approximately 1/4 of a teaspoon into each and proceed to fold.

For folding, close every single square by folding the edges corner to corner and sealing them. Then bring the far edges together to build a moon-like shape.

Proceed with all the Dushbaras.

Now take the broth that you had set aside and bring it to a boil. Boil the Dushbaras in it for about 10 minutes. Be careful to mix them, in order for them not to stick together.

Serve with vinegar and mashed garlic and garnish with some fresh parsley or mint.


Have a great evening, everyone!



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