World Food Challenge

Day Nine: Australian Meat Pie

You come from a land down under…

Today we are in Australia and we are going to enjoy some typical Australian meat pie!
And since I must confess that I am no big fan of ketchup, I decided to make the ketchup myself.
It would have been awesome, if I had had smaller meat pie molds, but you can’t have everything, right?
The recipe took less than previously expected and turned out to be a success.
Next step would be enjoying a meat pie in Australia..

For this dish I have actually followed more than one recipe and I have made my own ketchup, but here is a nice recipe for a gorgeous looking Australian meat pie.


500 g minced beef

1 onion, finely chopped

1 c stock

1 tbsp tomato purée

1/4 c tomato sauce

2 packages of pie dough, or puff pastry

1 egg for glazing




olive oil

In a skillet, heat the oil and stir fry the onion until translucent. Add the meat and cook until well cooked. Add the stock, tomato sauce and tomato purée. Season with salt and pepper.

Leave to simmer for approximately 15 minutes.

Now, if the mixture appears to be too liquid, you can dilute some flour in a few spoons of water and add it to the mixture.

Heat your oven at 220°C. Place one of the two packages of pie dough into a pie form and fill it with the meaty mixture.

Cover with the second pie dough and seal the pie by pressing with your fingers along the border, you can moisten the edges a bit with water to seal the pastry better. Brush the top with egg and bake in the oven for 15 minutes. Reduce the heat to 180 degrees and bake for another 25 minutes, until golden.

Serve topped with ketchup or tomato purée for those who do not like ketchup, like myself…

Have you tried Australian meat pie or any other Australian dish? Let me know in the comments below.


See you tomorrow!




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