World Food Challenge

Day 15: Barbados and Cou Cou

Hello Raffies!

It’s already two weeks into the challenge. Time practical thing is that you never have to think about what you’ll be cooking for dinner..
Today we were going to Barbados. The national dish struck me for its name: Cou Cou.
This dish is incredibly easy to make. Basically, all you do is chop some onions and some okra, boil them and keep the water. In that water you’ll be cooking some cornmeal. Add some butter, salt and pepper and the vegetables you had previously boiled and you’re done. Serve with some fried fish and a tomato and onion sauce and voilà!
The result is a really tasty dish! Since I really like okra, I will probably be making this dish again. Here’s how I made it.


300 g fish

250 g corn meal

100 g fresh okras

1 onion, chopped

3 tbsp butter


Combine the cornmeal in a bowl with water by covering the meal with water.

Clean the okras and slice them. Place them in a skillet with some water and the onions. Bring to a boil. Drain the okras and keep the liquid. Combine it with the soaked cornmeal. Bring the meal to a boil and stir it well with a wooden stick. Stir it constantly. In Barbados, this stick is called a “cou cou stick”. Be careful that the Cou Cou does not have any lumps. Add water gradually. You will see that the Cou Cou is almost ready once it starts bubbling. Now add the okra and onions and keep on stirring. Remove from heat and add the butter.

Serve with fried fish.

Have you ever tried cuisine from Barbados? Or have you visited this country in the Caribbean? Let me know in the comments below.


Best served with fish and lots of gravy!

See you!



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