World Food Challenge

Day 21: Bolivia and Pacumutu

Dear Raffies, Happy Saturday!

Today we enjoyed another warm and sunny day in Italy. We went down to the Lake of Garda and had some nice a\ice-cream. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my phone at home, thus not being able to take a photo..

Tonight was Bolivia and we enjoyed some nice Pacumutu.
It was simply awesome, The meat on the skewers was so tender that it melted in your mouth. I had marinated it for half a day and the taste was awesome. We accompanied it with some rice with cheese. This was nice, but a bit heavy for the summery weather. It would be so wonderful to taste a nice Pacumutu in some village in Bolivia once..

Unfortunately, for those of you who want to try this recipe at home, I have used this version in Spanish.

So, here’s the recipe in English and for 2 people.


500 g beef filet

125 g Chaqueño cheese (we did not find it, so we used a mild cheese)

1/2 cup rice

350 g Yuca or Yams, boilt

1/2 glass milk

1 tbsp butter

2 onions

1 bell pepper

1-2 cloves of garlic, minced



vegetable oil

Start by cutting the meat in chunks. Place the meat into a bowl and add salt, pepper, garlic and oil. Mix it well, in order to coat the meat with the marinate.

Leave it to rest for one to two hours.

Now start making the rice with cheese. Wash the rice and boil it in water and boil it. Add one onion, thinly minced. Season with salt and add a little oil. When the rice is nice and thick with just a little water remaining, add the milk and cover with a lid. Leave it to cook on a low heat for another two minutes.

Remove from the heat and wait for it to cool down a little. Make a whole in the middle of the pot and add the grated cheese. I used Asiago cheese, but you could use any other cheese, if you cannot find authentic Bolivian cheese. Cover the cheese with rice and heat it on the stove for a couple of minutes. Now mix the melted cheese with the rice.

It’s time to take care of the meat. Fry the meat in a pan with some oil. Once it loses its juices, remove the juices and keep them aside. Keep on frying until the meat is done. Remove the meat and in the same pan, by adding some oil if needed, sauté the onion and pepper cut in chunks. Remove as soon as the onion is translucent.

Now use some skewers and add the meat and onion and pepper alternating.

Another option is to barbecue the meat on skewers from the beginning.

Take the boilt the yuca and fry it in oil. Season with salt and serve with the rice and the meat with some butter.

Do you ever cook rice with cheese? Let me know in the comments below.


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