World Food Challenge

Day 73: Guyana and Metemgee

Good evening, Raffies! Today we are fighting our cat, who is refusing to take her medicine. From the lovely and sweet creature she is (she never even scratches you), she turns into a possessed demon, as soon as she sees the syringe with the antibiotics. We have to wrap her in a towel and shove… Continue reading Day 73: Guyana and Metemgee

World Food Challenge

Day 70: Guatemala and jocón

Buenas tardes, Raffies! Today was a day off, for it is Kingsday in the Netherlands. However, I have been busy cooking. For instance, I made my husband very happy, since he was complaining about my making only fruity smoothies. Therefore, I decided to make a chocolate one for him..What do you think? Anyways, today's country… Continue reading Day 70: Guatemala and jocón

World Food Challenge

Day 69: Grenada and Jerk chicken wings

Good evening, Raffles! Today we are fleeing the cold Dutch weather and going to the Caribbean. We are going to Grenada! Actually, I wanted to make Oil Down, the traditional dish of Grenada, but I could not find the needed breadfruit. Therefore, I will have to wait till I get a chance to go to… Continue reading Day 69: Grenada and Jerk chicken wings