World Food Challenge

Day 54: El Salvador and Papas rellenas

Hola, Raffies!

Today we are going to El Salvador. In this country, like in most Latin American countries, you can find a huge variety of different potatoes. Therefore, it is not surprising that a lot of dishes contain potatoes.

While looking for a recipe for El Salvador, I was intrigued by the Papas rellenas (which translated means “stuffed potatoes”). As it seems, there are infinite varieties of papas rellenas.
I have chosen one with tuna, onion, peppers and homemade mayonnaise and one version with minced meat and tomatoes.
The procedure is really easy:

You start by boiling 2 big potatoes with their skin. Remember not to boil them for too long, otherwise they might crumble.
Then you cut them in half and scoop the potatoes out. Leaving a margin on the sides of approximately 1 cm.
Then you stir fry your vegetables or ingredients and add the scooped out potatoes. In the meantime, you fry the emptied potatoes, that will now look like a boat, on both sides.
You fill the emptied halves with your filling and enjoy!

It was really good, but incredibly filling. Now my stomach hurts and I will lay down on the couch. See you tomorrow!



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