World Food Challenge

Day 58: Estonia and Kiluvõileib

Good evening, guys!

Today we are going North. We are going to Estonia and we are making a dish that I have eaten every single time I have been in this country. We are making Kiluvõileib!
This is a simple sprat sandwich on rye bread. It is lovely!


Dark rye bread, sliced


Sprat fillets

Red onion, thinly chopped or sliced

Poached eggs

Gerkins, sliced

Butter the bread and place one sprat fillet on each slice. Top with the sliced gerkins, the onion and the poached egg.

This dish is a very important part of Estonian culture. You can find this sandwich at any occasion. Sprats are a common fish in the Baltic Sea and therefore very easy to come by.
Tallinn even made the world’s longest Kiluvõileib a couple of years back.

I have decided to make the standard version with bread, butter, sprat, gherkins, onions and dill. However, you can put almost anything on your sprat sandwich.




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