World Food Challenge

Day 117: Mongolia and Tsuivan

Good evening, Raffies!

We are at our usual late Tuesday dinner. Today we are enjoying some nice warm noodle stew from Mongolia. We are making Tsuivan!

When I think of Mongolian cuisine, I can’t but think of the fermented mare’s milk, kumis. I have always wanted to try it. But while looking for a dish for Mongolia, this simple noodle stew caught my eye. Somehow it reminded me or Ramen or Soba..

As for the recipe, this website describes the steps in a great way – especially the part about making the noodles. I must admit that after my last time, since I still do not have a noodle machine, I preferred using fresh lasagna plates and cutting them up for the dish.

The result was a lovely meal. I did not even need to add any sauce, for the flavour of the mutton with the vegetables and the noodles was simply delightful.

Love, Raffi

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