World Food Challenge

Day 151: San Marino and Torta Tre Monti

Ciao, Raffies!

I admit that I am being very lazy these days..enjoying the sun and the free time.
Today we are going to San Marino, not that far from here, and we are going to enjoy a speciality of this country. As you might know, San Marino is a small Republic in Italy, nearby Bologna. It consists of a small city on a rock. Torta Tre Monti is a type of cake that is typical for the city.
This lovely cake was first made in 1942 and received the title of authenticity. It is a round waffle with a diametre of 2 cm covered in dark chocolate and hazel nuts and layered five times. The company Serenissima di Domagnano is the producer of this delicious cake, but you can make your own version at home.
Unfortunately, we were not able to find any big round waffle, nor any small round ones. However, we managed to find squares.

For the recipe, melt some dark chocolate and get some nuts ready. Start by layering waffle, chocolate and nuts and repeat. Now place your cake into the fridge to harden the chocolate. Enjoy!

The cake was a big success in my family. My husband was particularly enthusiastic, for he adores chocolate and nuts.



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