World Food Challenge

Day 159: Slovakia and Bryndzové halušky

Good evening, Raffies!

The cold weather is still not leaving us, so we are happily making our Slovakian dinner. Today we are going to try the Slovakian version of the Italian gnocchi: Bryndzové halušky.
This is one of Slovakia’s national dishes. It consists of  Bryndza, a type of sheep cheese, which is soft and creamy, and halušky. Halušky is somewhat similar to the German Spätzle.
If you can’t find the Slovakian cheese, you can use feta, cottage cheese or some creamy goat cheese, but it is not the same. 🙂

The recipe is quite easy and the result is fantastic. A perfect dish for cold days!
The following is for 2 people:

2 potatoes, peeled and grated
1 c flour, or more
125 g Bryndza
50 ml cream

Mix the grated potatoes and the flour in a bowl. Add the salt. The dough has to be sticky. In order to achieve this, you might need to add more flour. Once the dough sticks to your spoon, you are good to go.
Cut the bacon and fry it until crispy. If you’d like it fattier, you can add oil or butter for frying, but I skipped it. Set it aside.
In a casserole, bring salty water to a boil. Try a bit of the mix in the water. If it does not break apart and comes to the surface, you can proceed. If it breaks apart, you need to add more flour to the mixture.
If you want to follow the traditional way of cooking, put some batter on a cutting board and cut small dumplings directly into the water. Alternatively, you can use a Spätzle maker, if you have one. Make several dumplings and stir the water, because they will sink to the bottom. Wait until they come to the surface and have a different colour. Remove and set aside. Repeat until all the dough is used up.
Now transfer them all into a bowl and mix with the cheese and the cream. The cream is optional for those of you who like it extra creamy.
Serve and drizzle with bacon. Enjoy!




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