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Penne with Swordfish, Aubergines and Cherry Tomatoes

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet!

Today I wanted to share a recipe with you that has been one of my favourites / staple foods in my college years. I love both tomatoes and aubergines and swordfish was one of the cheapest types of fish on the market (it is really cheap in Italy).

So, when I stumbled over this recipe many years ago, I made it my own and have turned it into a go to recipe whenever I was out of ideas.

To be honest, I don’t always use swordfish. Most of the times, it ends up being more like a empty the fridge kind of dinner.


250 g swordfish

1 aubergine

250 g cherry tomatoes, quartered

fresh parsley, chopped



extra virgin olive oil

250 g penne (or any other type of short pasta)

Cut the aubergines into cubes and place them into a sieve. Salt them and leave them for an hour. OK, most of the time I decide to do this dish right before dinner and I skip this step. In this case, I fry them in more oil and salt.

Wash and drain the aubergines. Heat some extra virgin olive oil in a skillet. Fry the aubergines in oil. Cover with a lid to prevent the oil from splashing and dirtying up everything around you. By covering the skillet, the moisture is also trapped inside and this helps cooking the aubergines (good tip, if you didn’t have time to drain them in a sieve or if you forgot).


Cut the swordfish into cubes and add it to the aubergines, once they have slightly changed colour but are not yet too soft.

Aubergines and swordfish

Stir to prevent from burning and wait until the fish is no longer pink. Now add the cherry tomatoes. Boil the pasta in salted water like it states on the package. Drain and set aside.

Aubergines, swordfish and cherry tomatoes

Now wait until the tomatoes are slightly soft. Season with salt and pepper and add the parsley. If you do not have fresh parsley, dried parsley also works or basil. Mix in the pasta and stir well. Serve warm.

finished sauce

Do you have staple foods for lazy days? Let me know in the comments below.




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