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A trip to Sicily: Pt. 9 Taormina and Siracusa, the end of a journey

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet!

Last time, we strolled through the streets of Catania. You can read about the highlights in my last post.

Today is our last full day in Sicily and we have two places that we must see: Taormina and Siracusa. Ideally, if we had more time, we would like to go and say hi to Cyclops and visit his islands/stones he threw at Ulysses, but I guess we’ll have to keep it for another day.

Enjoying the view from Taormina

Not far from Catania you can find the probably most famous Greek theatre on the whole island, Taormina.

View from the Theatre of Taormina

The theatre and the location are, without any doubt, stunning, but I did not enjoy the masses of tourists and the obvious tourist traps. So, we visited the theatre and escaped the tourists as quickly as possible.

A much better view

Back in our car, we took a wrong turn and instead of driving downhill, we found ourselves trailing up the mountain and further away from the sea. And this is how we found ourselves in the Saracen Castle. Obviously, being obsessed with castles and history, I had to visit it and I realised that from there the view was even better than from Taormina and, most importantly, there were almost no tourists at all!

The castle as seen from Taormina

In the Ear of Dionisus

After our lunch, we drove to Siracuse and decided to see as much as possible in the little time we had. First stop was the archaeological site with the anfitheatre, the theatre and the Ear if Dionisus.


The anfitheatre of SiracuseEar of Dionisus

The Ear of DionisusTheatre of Siracuse

The theatre of SiracuseSpring of Dionisus

Natural spring

We then visited the archaeological museum and were impressed by the factories of holy figurines that were blooming more than 2000 years ago.

Finally, we took a walk in Ortigia, the historical centre of Siracuse.

Unfortunately, the sun was setting by the time we were done and headed back to our hotel with a heavy heart. We planned to go back there and visit with more time.

Our final meal on the island was in a local Trattoria we were told to visit. We enjoyed marinated seafood, fresh fish, Caponata and much much more.fresh fish

And we have finally reached the end of our trip to Sicily. I hope you enjoyed the ride.

Have you ever been to Sicily? What did you like best? Let me know in the comments below.



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