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A Day Trip to Ávila

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet!

During the weekend we went for a small day-trip, about an hour away from Madrid. We jumped on a train and went to Ávila. This small town is famous for the perfectly intact medieval town walls.

Ávila wall

Even though it was incredibly cold, we walked the whole external perimetre of the walls, 2,516 metres around the medieval town.

Ávila is said to be the town in Spain with the most Romanesque and Gothic churches per capita. Home town of the famous Saint Teresa from Ávila and Ávila is also the province where Isabella of Castile was born.

Once you step through the gates and past the walls, you feel like you have been thrown back in time. One of the main buildings is the impressive cathedral with its colourful rosettes and windows.

Once thing we did not know before arriving in Ávila is that it is famous for its steak. So, obviously, we had to try it. We went to an old restaurant and enjoyed a typical menu from the region. Important point to remember is that the local cuisine is heavy. Keep this in mind if you are ever in the region! And the portions are generally huge!

As starters we got typical dishes including mashed beans with crunchy pork belly, traditional bread soup, which was mostly consumed for breakfast in the past, and bean soup with pork.

Once we managed the whole starters, it was time for half a kilo of steak.


And finally it was time for dessert! Milk rice with cinnamon and cream cheese pudding with membrillo (quince purée).

Now, about ten pounds heavier, we feel we can get back outside and explore some more of the city before taking our train back home.

main square

Have you ever visited Ávila? Let me know in the comments below.



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