me holding churros
Me proudly holding a bundle of churros

Cook, Eat, Explore –

Welcome to my world and this little corner of the internet I call mine!

My name is Raffaella, but everyone calls me Raffi. I am a halfie and always have been feeling as a citizen of the world. I grew up bilingual, German and Italian and to this day I hold both citizenships.

I was born in Berlin and grew up in Verona, Italy. From an early age on, I have always enjoyed helping out in the kitchen and discovering new recipes.

My background couldn’t be further away from cooking and travelling. I graduated with a Master’s in Conference Interpreting. I have worked as a professional translator, interpreter and online marketing specialist for the last 8 years.

However, my passion has always been cooking, eating and travelling. After graduating I moved to Japan for 1.5 years. There I got married to a very un-Japanese Japanese.

In this little corner, I join my passions: Cooking, eating, travelling and more.

Cook – Easy Cooking of Recipes from around the world with the ingredients that you can find (mostly) locally. The moment that I love most: when I encounter some unknown ingredients and think about the flavour and how to cook them.

Eat – Eating as an Adventure. Try everything, even the most exotic foods.

Explore – Exploring the world, close and far.

I hope you’ll get inspired,