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Spanish vegetables – Chickpeas and Chards

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet! Chikpeas are hands down my absolute favourite legume. As soon as I discovered this recipe, I needed to try it. Unfortunately, there was no spinach at the farmers' market, but an abundance of red chard. Thus, I made this incredibly easy recipe with chard. I believe… Continue reading Spanish vegetables – Chickpeas and Chards

World Food Challenge

Day Four: Jamón amb mel from Andorra

Hello Raffies, This time we are going to a very small country that is often skipped: Andorra. Due to its position, the cuisine resembles a lot the Spanish one. Therefore, I decided to pick jamón amb mel. Ham with a honey-vinegar sauce. Very easy and fast to make and very delicious. I paired it with… Continue reading Day Four: Jamón amb mel from Andorra