World Food Challenge

Day 134: Palau and Pichi-Pichi

Good evening, Raffies!

Today we are going to Palau to try yet another dessert: Pichi-Pichi. The reason why I chose this dish is quite silly, I thought the name was hilarious.

In consistency, Pichi-Pichi reminded me of some mochis from Japan and my Japanese husband agrees, so maybe I am not completely insane. However, the method is slightly different since no rice flour is used in Pichi_Pichi. It is a glutinous, gelatinous pastry, though.

The recipe is simple, just remember that you will need a steamer.

2 c grated cassava
1 c sugar
2 c water
1 c coconut, grated
1/2 tsp starch
1/2 tsp buko-pandan essence

Start by grating your cassava. For this, I watched this video on how to proceed. It helped me out a lot, even though I understood only the word “cassava”:

Now mix your grated cassava with sugar and water in a bowl. Add the starch and stir vigorously.
Add the buko-pandan essence to the bowl. I could not find it, therefore I used 1/2 tsp of spirulina powder to get a nice green colour. Unfortunately, it was not as bright green as in the photos I had seen.
Once all the ingredients are well mixed, pour individual cup molds in your steamer. Steam for 45-60 minutes. Then cool down until they get to a translucent colour. You can put them into the fridge to cool them down well. Now you remove them from their molds and roll them on the grated coconut.

This is a common dessert or a mid-afternoon snack.
The flavour reminded me a lot of the Japanese sweets. Since I am not much of a sweet tooth, I liked that it was not too sweet.



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